Monday, May 21, 2007

Going to La Paz via Miami

So, we were delayed in Dallas due to weather so we arrived in Bolivia a day late. We got to spend the day in Miami though. That was fun. We took a bus to Miami Beach, had a romantic walk on the beach. Andrew´s feet hurt though because he was wearing his boots...(we didn´t have any access to our luggage!)

Well, we arrived in La Paz and I was happy that my aunt, uncle, cousin and another friend came to get us. That was cool to see them again. Our apartment is so nice. We have 4 bathrooms. Our place is right in the center of the city. Andrew was excited to see his first protest outside the window. But things aren´t too crazy. Nothing to worry about.

So the first week we observed the workshop, that was...interesting. We´re going to change a few things for sure. Like we aren´t going to talk about what color or animal you should identify yourself with in case you´re asked in an interview. Besides that bit of false doctrine, things were pretty good. (According to the teacher, it´s good to identify yourself with an eagle, because they live to be 60 years old. At 30 years of age, they have the choice to either die or live another 30 years, but if they want to live they have to go far away from other eagles, and they hit their beak and talons against rocks until they fall off, then they grow back, allowing them to live 30 more years... just to be sure, I double checked this on a zoology website, and it´s a myth. I thought it was funny.) Anyways, we begin teaching this week, we´re looking forward to it.

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Brian said...

Hey, Hey! Beaches, protests, false doctrine. . . sounds like fun! Rich and I were glad to hear that your pad has four bathrooms--it made us feel better about living where we do. We were pretty surprised (and not a little concerned) when we saw how nice (compared to the missionary apartment style pad we envisioned) our flat was. We decided we needed to work extra hard to make it worth the cost.

Best with the courses. You'll do awesome!