Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here goes...

May 10th. University Guest House. Room 220. We are officially trained, and graduation looms before us. In a few days, we'll be flying out all over the world to make a difference, but the last four days have certainly made a difference for us. A few highlights...
  • Renn Patch, assistant to Bishop McMullin, "Employment is one of the best and most important programs that exists in the Church today."
  • Ron Mortensen's kids showing everyone up on the piano.
  • B-ball and dancing during 45 minute long "breaks".
  • That sinking feeling after lunch.
  • Companion piggy-back race across the street.
  • Women's restroom at Bucca di Beppos.
  • Hairy scary ball flying across the room.
  • Cafe Limonada.
  • Catch phrase truth or dare.
  • Reggaeton marketing song.
  • Cody's laugh.
  • Youtube, anyone?
  • Not crossing the line to #2 during dinner.
  • Elder Rudd, "A willing spirit is greater than talent- don't use your talent begrudgingly."

So, ready or not, here goes! Let's keep in touch, and share our talents. :)


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