Saturday, May 19, 2007

Our First Adventure

Today Brian and I went on an adventure. We decided to head on over to the center of Manaus. There we discovered, I think, at least 20 new and different smells we have never smelled before. Some just clung to us all day long. We ended up in a fishing shop and saw a catfish, swordfish (one sword was 4ft long, it was awesome), piranha, and a few new species. Later we entered the colonial era and caught up on some history by visiting some historical sites, and if anybody is wondering if those student isic cards come in handy, they do. We got a 50% discount on our concert tickets for the Amazon Theater. It was great, and with the extra dough we ate out. The côco gelado was perfect on such a warm day.

This first week has been exciting. We taught four missionaries the workshop and they passed; Fwhew. They had us worried; ) It's been a blast. We are looking forward to next week.

Brian and Rich

Ps. Brian wants to know if anybody knows how to put a weeks worth of laundry on 8ft of line.

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EBV said...

gentlemen: first and foremost, hope you're loving Manaus! I was a missionary there, and me apaixonei for that city. As for the clothesline question, it's rather easy--take your hangers and put your garments/shirts/pants on the hangers to dry, thus using a very minimal amount of horizontal space, maximizing your laundry efficiency. Boa Sorte com tudo!