Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finally a word from Nikki and Laura!

hey ya'll, It's great to read your stories and reports! Laura and I are working hard and having fun here in Puebla, it's a great set up! So far we have taught 8 workshops, averaging about 3 a week. It's craziness! We teach one a week in the center, which is an awesome office, one a week in one of the institute buildings (except last week we didn't), and one almost every weekend somewhere outside of Puebla. So far, outside of Puebla, we have taught in Tuxtepec, Oaxaca (where we ate conejo...yum), Oaxaca the ciudad, and in Cholula (right outside of Puebla). The institute workshops are shorter, but the weekend ones are long -with refreshments included :). We definitely get our 20 hours in! We love the people we work with in the center, there is a great spirit there. During our first days here Laura and I went to the Pyramids in Cholula with our friend Emanuel who also volunteers at the center. We got to walk through tunnels so i was happy. tunnels: exciting. We like trying all the new fruits and cooked's just dandy! This last picture is us with one of our favorite new fruits: lynches (o algo asi). The fruit is white and oh-so-sweet inside. Anyhoo, we look forward to some more day trips for sight seeing...which we'll tell ya'll aaaaall about. Lots of love y besos to all! - Nikki


Cracker Jap (Jason) said...

Hey it sounds like you're having tons of fun! But shoot, are you getting any of your homework done? Dang girls! You ARE working like CRAZY!

Sarah said...

Wow! I'm a little bit jealous! What cool experiences you are having! Have you met anyone I told you about? How is Pte. Flores? He's probably leaving soon, huh? So glad you're having a great time!