Sunday, June 3, 2007

Love from Lima!

This pic is for everyone who hasn't had the opportunity to see it on Facebook... =) That my friends is cuy al horno = baked guinea pig. It was definitely a cultural experience!

Shoot! It takes WAY too long for these pictures to upload! Anyways, I'll keep writing and hopefully it'll upload by the time that I'm done!

Things have been great here! The system that they have in place works like clockwork! We arrived at midnight on May 15th and the first thing we hear from our director is, "Get some sleep because tomorrow you're going to teach you first workshop. Alone!" Or something like that... Since then we've been teaching a workshop a week. They have the whole year planned out which is something that I didn't expect at all! From what I had envisioned from our trainings, we would be out setting up a base to follow us once we were gone. Every stake has like 20 trainers or whatever!

But there are definitely bonuses to being in an established area of the Church. We went out to Cusco and Machu Picchu already! That was an AMAZING experience! I suggest the trip to everyone! When you go (because I know that ALL of you will go someday) make sure to take a trip to Valle Sagrado. That is a must do too!

Back to Lima. It's been an amazing experience to see the changes in some of these kids. We've been teaching mostly JAS or Jovenes Adultos Solteros. Most of them are applying for the PEF, but a lot of them have already applied the principles to get jobs. In fact, one kid from this past week told us that it worked just like we told him when he directly called the company. He deftly maneuvered past the gatekeeper and spoke directly to the decision-maker. He got the interview (mostly over the phone) and has a job working at a restaurant. It's going to get him further along in his plan and closer to his long term goal of working in restaurants. Very cool stuff! I hope that the future has many more stories like that in store. I'm sure it will.


Natalie & Andrew said...

Hey, we mioght go after the internship is much is the train and everything to go to Macchu Picchu?

Sarah said...

Thanks for posting. No thanks for the first pic. ;)

Cracker Jap (Jason) said...

Natalie & Andrew! If you guys are looking to go to Machu Picchu, then I know a GREAT guide who can set the whole thing up for you. I think that everything including lunch and whatnot was like $200. I'm sure that there are other things going on with that. Holla at me!