Sunday, June 24, 2007

A man, a monkey, and a penguin

We decided to show you this beauty before our unsightly faces. We are still going exploring every chance we get. Here we had a great time along the beach wall (there isn't a beach because the water level is too high). This may be the last time you here from us because we are heading into the jungle this weekend. We both bought big knives to sword fight with as we journey into the dense terrain. We've been practicing our karate chop moves for any jaguar that comes our way. If we make it out alive we will sell our nature video to the highest bidder.

We took a river boat to a few places around Manaus. While we were out and about we came across a few animals. Don't worry, we didn't play with the monkeys, they are too hyper; the sloths are more our type. The birds are playful, and just take your money when your not look'n (cuidado). We enjoyed our time out on the river. We did have a visitor this past week. No, it wasn't fleas, it was Eric, Sarah's friend. He stopped by and taught us a bit about Manaus--he did serve a mission here. Unfortunately, school work kept us from partying every night while he was here.

Everything else is going well. We have taught a few more workshops and are seeing success. It has been a bit challenging at times, but we are able to work through the challenges, especially the challenge of getting to and from the center.

We heard a great Brazilian joke the other day: There was a man, a monkey, and a penguin. They were in a church one day and

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