Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On an island in the sun...

Hey friends, thought we'd send another update! We are doing really well here in Costa Rica, and we're having all kinds of amazing adventures. A week and a half ago we went to PANAMA to help get PEF established there, and talk about the role of the workshop in applying for it. PEF has only been around here and in Panama for a few months because of legal reasons, so it's a really cool time to be here. Panama was amazing, and we not only had some really cool experiences with the work, but we also saw some beautiful sights, rented bikes to ride down the causeway, a path through the ocean to some islands that was made from the dirt dug out during canal construction, checked out the canal, and chilled by our hotel's roof-top pool. It was amazing. We've been teaching a workshop every week at the center, and we have also taught a couple more in other settings. Last week I was filmed for this local TV show talking with the specialist about the workshop, and different segments will show once a week for a month. So I'm pretty much getting ready to be famous. Good thing I have some big sunglasses. Last weekend we took a trip with some friends to a place called Isla Tortuga, and it was probably the most amazing beach I have ever seen in my life. We all rented a little motor boat, and plowed through the ocean to get to the island, and even saw dolphins up close on the way! I got a sunburn, but it was totally worth it. This weekend, Elder Scott is speaking at our stake conference, so we're really excited about that. Anyway, we hope and pray that you are all having wonderful experiences. We are so grateful to be teaching the workshop, and we are honestly seeing the powerful effect it has on peoples' lives.

Con cariƱo,

Sarah y Allison

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