Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hi everyone! How are you doing? We are doing just great. We were recently visited by Tim Sloan and we had a meeting with all of the stake presidents, bishops, ward specialists in the La Paz area. We had a really good turn out. The CRE office had just moved 2 weeks before we got here, so many are unfamiliar with the new location. They also taught mostly non-members before and now they are trying to focus the attention on the members. That is good. So, we hope more people will start coming to the workshops.

We also go to go to see the Tiwanaku ruins with our manager, Enrique Cabezas and Tim Sloan. That was a lot of fun. The Tiwanaku civilization dates from 1,500 bc -1,200 ad. They had a big influence on the area. Only within the past 10 years they have been excavating this site. Sadly, many of the stones from the pyramid and temple were taken to build 4 different Catholic churches. hopefully they are able to reconstruct the site soon.

Afterwards we ate quinoa soup and asado de llama. It was really good!

The pics are of a reed boat (that they use on Lake Titicaca), the Puerta del Sol and the last one is the altiplano. In the backgroud you can see Mount Illimani. We will be traveling to other cities to teach the workshop in July, we are excited about that. Take care.

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